Suicide Prevention

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Defending Robin Williams’ Death and Leveraging Facebook Helped Me to Rediscover My Light ​

The world was shocked to learn about Robin Williams’ death and the manner in which he died two years ago.  Mr. Williams death-by-suicide led to ...
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Depression – An Unnecessary Stigma

Depression is an ailment that affects the body just like any other illness.  The difference with depression is that it primarily impacts an individual’s mind, ...
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Depression as a Mnemonic

Reference for anyone affected by depression:* (D)ecide to seek treatment to obtain help to become better;* (E)ducate yourself about depression by obtaining information and working ...
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Depression Can Be a Limiter; Willpower a Liberator

In a short period of time, an individual’s life can change from feelings of desperation, despair, and a belief that their life doesn’t have any ...
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Depression Can Lead to Individuals Questioning Their Value(s)

Value --- whether it’s personal, family, financial, moral, or spiritual --- is pursued by everyone.  It can be a driving force, an artificial projection, or ...
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Depression: Coming Out of the Fog

I’m often asked about my ability to make positive forward-progress after a near suicide.  The questions normally asked are: what changed; what drives your ability ...
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