Suicide Prevention

Depression: It Happens!

There is sometimes confusion about mental health challenges, as well as a lack of understanding about depression as compared to other bodily ailments.  Depression is ...
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Depression: My Journey Through the Fog

My perspective on life has almost always been ‘the glass is half full’ --- even during difficult moments.  Therefore, I never thought that depression would ...
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Functioning While Depressed

Depression isn’t necessarily related to individuals who aren’t able to function, as there are numerous individuals who are depressed (whether they know it or not) ...
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Helping Someone Who Might Be Depressed

Individuals who might be depressed could use: attention, support, a conversation, an outing, and more.  However, something that isn’t needed is for someone to say, ...
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​​​​​​​It’s ‘Still’ a Wonderful Life

Every year around this time I look forward to watching some if not all of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  I never realized the ...
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Journey After a Near-Suicide to Educate, Remove Stigmas, and Save Lives

After learning about Robin Williams’ death (8/11/14), I paused, reflected, and privately understood the types of demons that might have affected him.  This would have ...
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