Suicide Prevention

The Making of a Suicide: Combatting Workplace Bullying, Ethical Challenges, and Life Events

Navigating life sometimes feels like a rollercoaster ride; continuously in motion, many ups and downs, sudden drops, slow climbs toward happiness, and more.  After experiencing ...
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Vulnerability About My Depression and Near-Suicide Positively Changed and Saved My Life

Link to this article on HuffPost On August 12, 2014, after reading judgmental comments about the reasons that Robin Williams ended his life, I could ...
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What If?!?!

What if a decision you were afraid to, chose not to, or didn’t make could’ve changed your life and others?  This might seem to be ...
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Who is Your “Mental Health Buddy?!”

Many of us have study buddies, workout partners, club/party crew, office husbands/wives, best friends, and other classifications. But... who is your "mental health buddy" to ...
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Why Shouldn’t Men Cry

Crying is something that everyone does; it’s a normal part of life.  However, if you’re male, then there are often different standards applied.  The issue ...
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