Interview: S. L. Young Discusses Battling Depression on Talks with Sheba

S. L. Young interviewed on “Talks with Sheba” with Dr. Sheba Holly (10/29/14).

Children, teens, and adults lives are impacted daily by depression; an illness that carries a great deal of stigma — regardless of gender, culture, socio-economic background, or other factors.  At some point, everyone will experience some type of depression.

How might individuals cope or react to prevent a suicide?

S. L. Young – who has battled depressed and is in recovery after a near-suicide – delivers an intense presentation about ways to ‘save yourself’ and Live!

If you or someone you know has experienced a traumatic life event or exhibits signs of depression.  This powerful, informative, and potentially lifesaving interview can’t be missed!

It’s time to remove the unnecessary stigma related to the topic of depression and suicide.  So, let’s openly and honestly discuss these issues that effect and affect so many individuals every day.  The life that’s saved might by your own.

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