Interview: Author and Inspirational Speaker S. L. Young Interview with Cheryl Maloney of Simple Steps Real Change

S. L. Young interviewed on “Simple Steps Real Change” with Cheryl Maloney on Empower Radio (10/29/14).

Were you told that you’d never amount to much? Did a teacher or adviser tell you to get a job because school was the right option for you? Have you wanted to prove those who thought less of you wrong?

S. L. “Sly” Young was almost kicked out of school in the 10th grade after being told that he’d never graduate. A college professor with advanced degrees including a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance and Investments and Master of Science (MS) in Project Management, Sly shares simple concepts that enable him to do the things that others said he wouldn’t do.

Also, Sly discusses his battle with depression and his journey to recover from a near-suicide.

Learn about ways that beliefs coupled with a power of choice can enable individuals to be anything that’s desired. Are you ready to “be”?

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