1/12/16 Interview: S. L. Young Reunites with the Principal Who Prevented Him From Dropping Out of High School

S. L. Young reunites with the principal (Gwen Felder) who prevented him from dropping out of high school 30 years ago on the Maggie Linton ...
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11/5/15 Interview: S. L. Young on the Maggie Linton Show to Discuss Educating Inmates and Dealing with Holiday Blues

S. L. Young discusses educating inmates and dealing with depression / holiday blues on the Maggie Linton Show on 11/5/15.This is an encouraging and uplifting ...
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12/2/14 Inteview: S. L. Young on the Maggie Linton Show to Provide Update on Recovery After Near-Suicide

S. L. Young discusses his progress to recover after disclosing his battles with depression and a near-suicide on the Maggie Linton Show on 8/18/14.This is ...
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4/16/16 Interview: S. L. Young Discusses Depression and Suicide Prevention

Author & inspirational speaker S. L. Young and Intransition host Skykissed (Adell Coleman – discuss depression --- including their journeys with it --- on ...
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8/11/15 Interview: S. L. Young Discusses Maintaining Faith During Challenging Times

S. L. Young discusses the importance of God and his faith during challenging times in his life on the Right to R.E.A.L. Love podcast with ...
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Chasing A Dream

Many individuals have a dream, but the number of individuals who actively pursues it isn’t as large.  The difference in these numbers can be due to ...
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