Presentation: Belief: A Powerful Component of Success (Webinar)

S. L. Young, author of the "It's a Crazy World ... Learn From It" series, discusses "belief" as an important factor of one's success, along ...
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Presentation: Leadership, Leaders, and Our Responsibilities to Continue the Journey Toward Equality

S. L. Young's presentation at the Northern Virginia Community College's "2nd Annual Soul Food Dinner" on 2/24/15.Presentation Description: This discussion was prepared for black history ...
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Presentation: The Impact of Workplace Bullies on Successful Project Delivery

S. L. Young (, author of "Bullies...They're In Your Office, Too: Could you be one?" discusses the impact of workplace bullying on successful project delivery ...
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Presentation: Transforming Individual to Organizational Learning to Maximize Success

S. L. Young discusses "transforming individual to organizational learning to maximize success" at the Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity's "Principled Business Leadership Institute" on 2/7/15.Presentation Description: ...
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Presentation: Using Social Entrepreneurship to Achieve Success Beyond Profits

S. L. Young discusses "using social entrepreneurship to achieve success beyond profits" at Alpha Kappa Psi's "Principled Business Leadership Institute" on 2/6/16.Mr. Young shares valuable ...
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Presentation: Workplace Bullying – It’s More Than Hurt Feelings

Mr. Young's presentation about workplace bullying at the University of Denver's Staff Advisory Council's Town Hall on 4/2/15.  The majority of the information in this ...
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