Presentation: Using Social Entrepreneurship to Achieve Success Beyond Profits

S. L. Young discusses “using social entrepreneurship to achieve success beyond profits” at Alpha Kappa Psi’s “Principled Business Leadership Institute” on 2/6/16.

Mr. Young shares valuable information about understanding the different types of success including non-monetary versions of it, the meaning/focus of a conscious business, and the purpose/benefits that drives some social entrepreneurs.  Moreover, he provides advice for social entrepreneurs, along with some keys to success. 

Also, Mr. Young discusses his nonprofit organization “Saving Our Communities at Risk Through Educational Services (SOCARTES –“, including the reasons it was created and the strategies used to help individuals in at-risk communities based on his “authentic” experiences.​

Note: At approximately 26 minutes, Mr. Young discusses his passion and purpose for the creation of his non-profit organization “SOCARTES

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