Jail Perspectives

Beyond the Clothes (Revised: 9/15/14)

It’s often said that clothes make an individual, but this old adage is not always true – as there are many talented individuals who do ...
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Inmate Management: What’s Wanted Better Criminals or Citizens?

Link to this article on HuffPost An ability to access a quality education is an important factor in the achievement of educational success and a ...
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Is Curiosity Enough for Inmates to Enroll in an Educational Program?

Link to this article on HuffPost Almost four years ago, I was reluctantly convinced to teach inmates at a local jail. This wasn't Something that ...
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Lessons Learned from 9 Months Voluntarily Locked-Up (Revised: 11/26/14)

In approximately nine (9) months, a child can be born, a college year can be completed, beliefs can be altered, and lives can be changed.  ...
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Life Lessons Based on Working with Inmates

Articles: Beyond the ClothesLook Into Their Eyes; They'll Show You Their HeartsLessons Learned From 9 Months Voluntarily Locked-UpThe Club Nobody Wants to Join: Mother's With ...
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Look Into Their Eyes, They’ll Show You Their Hearts (Revised: 11/4/14)

Individuals who have stumbled by making a poor choice or choices often continue to be ostracized not by their crimes, but instead by the judgment ...
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