jail Perspectives

Life lessons based on Mr. Young’s work with inmates


Beyond the Clothes (Revised: 9/15/14)

It’s often said that clothes make an individual, but this old adage is not always true – as there are many talented individuals who do ...
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Inmate Management: What’s Wanted Better Criminals or Citizens?

Link to this article on HuffPost An ability to access a quality education is an important factor in the achievement of educational success and a ...
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Is Curiosity Enough for Inmates to Enroll in an Educational Program?

Link to this article on HuffPost Almost four years ago, I was reluctantly convinced to teach inmates at a local jail. This wasn't Something that ...
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Lessons Learned from Yahoo’s E-mail Outage and Lack of Damage Control

Food, water, and email are important; however, only two (2) of these are necessary for survival until you lose the third ... email.  In my ...
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Look Into Their Eyes, They’ll Show You Their Hearts (Revised: 11/4/14)

Individuals who have stumbled by making a poor choice or choices often continue to be ostracized not by their crimes, but instead by the judgment ...
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The Club Nobody Wants to Join: Mothers with Sons in Prison

Mothers around the world want the best for their children.  These hopes and dreams include wanting their kids to be healthy, educated, loved, respected, and ...
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