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Bullies Like to HIT and Use Their PIC (Revised: 3/26/15)

Organizational power is usually driven by factors, such as someone’s:* Position – role within an organization;* Status/Reputation – perceived value or capability;* Knowledge – expertise about ...
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CAABS Drive Workplace Bullying (Revised: 9/15/14)

Workplace bullying is any unwanted attention, attacks, suggestions, retaliation, humiliation, belittling, condescending behavior, or anything else that makes an individual feel unwanted, threatened, demeaned, insulted, ...
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Dear Mr. President: Workplace Bullying Negatively Impacts Lives; It’s Time for Better Employment Protections

Link to this article on HuffPost Mr. President I applaud your efforts to fight for individual rights and liberties.  During your tenure, you’ve addressed socio-economic, ...
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Harassment Goes Beyond Sex, Women, Hollywood, and Politics

Link to this article on HuffPost Accusations of harassment (sometimes referred to as workplace bullying) aren't new, these types of allegations were reported for far ...
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High School Friends; Different Ethical Paths; Almost Identical Tragic Endings​

Link to this article on HuffPost This month (March) is “National Ethics Awareness Month”, which represents an additional opportunity to focus on and discuss ethical ...
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How to Get Away with Workplace Bullying

Link to this article on HuffPost Workplace bullying isn’t a new issue; however, it wasn’t until recent years that this topic became a newsworthy event ...
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Is Workplace Bullying The New Discrimination?

Link to this article on HuffPost Things have changed since the days that racist and sexist would openly and without reservation communicate to individuals of ...
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Laws Protect Certain Classes From Workplace Abuse: Why Not Everyone? (Revised: 6/10/15)

Link to the article on HuffPost Many individuals don’t realize that workplace bullying is legal in most states and jurisdictions in the U.S., unless the ...
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Trump’s Temper Tantrums: The Normalization of Workplace Bullying?!

Bullies are known for being boisterous with “look at me,” “I’m powerful,” and “I’m important” attitudes.  Oftentimes, this behavior leads to a bully receiving attention, ...
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Unethical Workplace Bullies Led to My Near Death-by-Suicide ​

The emotional and sometimes physical abuse at workplaces isn’t always disclosed due to judgmental comments and perceptions.  Furthermore, the stigmas associated with being a target ...
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Workplace Bullying Targets Don’t Always Report It (Revised: 1/16/15)

Link to this article on HuffPost Anyone who was ever bullied will most likely convey that the bullying incident wasn’t welcomed, wanted, or willingly experienced. ...
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Workplace Bullying: Its Impact Goes Beyond Hurt Feelings

Link to this Article on HuffPost The word ‘bullying’ is usually associated with schoolyard antics, along with negative considerations about bullies.  Conversely, if the words ...
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  • Mr. Young's article "Becoming a Better Man: My refusal to succumb to workplace bullies helped me discover who I am" appears in Arlington Magazine's (March/April 2018) "My Life" section.
  • Maggie Linton Interview - 9/9/13 - discussion about S. L. Young's book, "Bullies...They're In Your Office, Too: Could you be one?", including conversation about workplace bullying, the importance of reporting and documenting bullying incidents, organizational policy, and the impact of bullying on consultants.
  • FOX 5 DC with Allison Seymour - 10/14/13 - discussion about Mr. Young's book "Bullies...They're In Your Office, Too: Could you be one?
  • Real Life with Lisa Jesswein - 02/5/15 - discussion about overcoming educational challenges, depression, suicidal thoughts, and workplace bullying

Presentation: The Impact of Workplace Bullies on Successful Project Delivery

S. L. Young (, author of "Bullies...They're In Your Office, Too: Could you be one?" discusses the impact of workplace bullying on successful project delivery ...
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Presentation: Workplace Bullying – It’s More Than Hurt Feelings

Mr. Young's presentation about workplace bullying at the University of Denver's Staff Advisory Council's Town Hall on 4/2/15.  The majority of the information in this ...
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