Reflecting on an Unimaginable Educational Journey

Our lived-experiences teach valuable lessons and our authentic stories help others to do the same!

For years, I didn’t share my long journey to academic successes because I was ashamed and worried about being judged, which almost prevented me from furthering my education.

In recent years (in discussing my story with opportunity (at-risk) students and inmates), I learned that ownership of my story/struggles (by being vulnerable) is one of my greatest strengths. This has allowed me to connect with countless students (regardless of location) in meaningful ways.

​Throughout my educational journey, I:

* was directed by a principal to leave high school in the tenth grade after failing 6 of 7 classes, along with missing approximately 1/3 of the school year,

* nearly dropped-out of school,

* barely graduated high school in the bottom 8% of my class,

* left two colleges due to academic challenges,

* earned a bachelor’s degree,

* was suspended from my MBA program because my GPA dropped slightly below a 3.0,

* earned two graduate degrees,

* am a college professor (ten years) at one of the schools I left due to academic challenges,

* started a non-profit organization “Saving Our Communities at Risk Through Educational Services (SOCARTES)” in 2012 to give-back,

* am a university professor (one year),

* teach inmates about life, business, and soft skills (four years),

* received the 2018 “Martin Luther King, Jr. Drum Major Innovation Service Award” from the U.S. Department of Education’s (DOE) “Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships,” in collaboration with DOE’s White House Initiative for Educational Excellence for African-Americans.

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Never Give Up!!!​

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