“Beyond Just Talk with S. L. Young” Promotional Message

"Beyond Just Talk with S. L. Young" debuted on WOL DC News Talk 1450 AM on 5/5/15.  However, it will now be heard on WERA 96.7 FM in ...
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Allow Others to Respond on Their Terms

“Allow individuals to respond on their terms and not yours – if you want a relationship to prosper.” A family member asked for my assistance ...
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​​​​​​​​​​​Bill Cosby: What if He and Others Like Him Aren’t Guilty?

Updates:*6/17/17 - Cosby trial ends in a hung jury, which results in a mistrial​* 4/26/18 - Cosby guilty on three counts: (1) penetration without consent, ...
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Constitutional Crisis; Attack on Democracy?! It’s Time to Determine Trump’s Loyalty

Link to this article on HuffPost Anyone who is or perceived to be deceptive should – rightfully so – have their actions, behaviors, and judgments ...
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Friendship Categories and Classifications: What’s Your Friend’s Type?

Parents typically discuss the importance of being careful with the selection of friends with their children.  Some parents go even further to warn their children ...
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Incontinence: No Laughing Matter

Kimberly-Clark Corporation’s product Depend® has received media attention due to its commercials with men and women proudly wearing its product.  This advertisement demonstrates that its ...
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