Are You Really Who You Think You Are? (Revised: 12/16/14)

Individuals often rush through the world to complete activities each day to get through their daily lives; many times running so fast that there isn’t ...
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Becoming a Better Man: Refusing to succumb to workplace bullies helped me discover who I am

In 2014, I called my next oldest brother to ask a very important question, “If anything happens to me, will you take care of ma?”  ...
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Belief: An Underutilized Tool (Revised: 10/17/14)

There are many life lessons taught every day, such as ways to deal with others, subject matter expertise, and learning basic survival skills. However, there ...
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COVID Chronicles – S. L. Young (original version)

Published Version Arlington Magazine's Website It all came to a sudden stop! All the things that I usually ran to do, achieve, accomplish were immediately ...
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Discovering the Real You

In November 2011, I wrote the following self-talk, “You’re wasting time doing foolish things and not being the individual that you should be.”  This was ...
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Getting Past I or You Can’t

There are times that you might think something isn’t possible because you don’t believe it or others have told you that it’s not possible or ...
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