Escalation: A Failure of Sorts (Revised: 11/12/14)

Link to this article on HuffPost The word “escalation” is used as a threat in many organizations.  The reason that this term is often communicated ...
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​It’s Time for Social Media to Have Executive Controls

Social media with its immediate access, ease of use, and seemingly lack of controls presents plentiful challenges for individuals, organizations, companies, and societies.  In a ...
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Leadership Lessons from the Flawed Affordable Care Act (ACA) Implementation

Leaders are responsible for any stakeholder communication that is used to evaluate an implementation.  Therefore, anyone who is responsible for an implementation’s marketing campaign, updates, and issue ...
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Lessons Learned from Yahoo’s E-mail Outage and Lack of Damage Control

Food, water, and email are important; however, only two (2) of these are necessary for survival until you lose the third ... email.  In my ...
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Predatory Listening: Are You Guilty, Too?

Have you done it?  I know I have and your friends and family have probably done it too?  It’s something that most don’t like, it’s ...
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Trump’s First 100 Days Provide Valuable Leadership Lessons ​

Perspectives about leadership from outside of an organization don’t usually reflect the internal realities.  Therefore, individuals should be careful about being overly critical about someone’s ...
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