Maggie Linton: A Voice Worth Hearing

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Anyone who listens to the Maggie Linton Show is familiar with this smooth voice that is welcoming, along with making the
audience feel as if it’s in the company of an ‘ole friend.  Maggie is a seasoned SiriusXM radio veteran who relaxes her guest, engages her audience, and also provides assistance for new talent to have a comfortable place to begin.

Almost a year ago, I had the extreme pleasure of being interviewed by Maggie for the first time, which marked my debut on any media outlet.  From our initial conversation until the time we were on-air, she demonstrated a personal concern for me as a guest, and during our interview her conversational style allowed me (and I’m sure all of her guests) to be at ease to deliver my personal best.

Maggie could easily take an ‘I already made it’ attitude toward her potential guest, but she doesn’t do it.  This lack of attitude or superiority isn’t something that’s always provided to someone who is trying to receive a media appearance opportunity.  Therefore, based on my experiences with Maggie, I wanted to learn more about the reasons that she is more than willing to give many their first chance.

Maggie originally wanted to be a civil rights attorney.  However, unsure of this career path, she changed her college major several times before she explored radio, television, and film.  In an initial broadcasting class, she was fortunate to receive an opportunity to obtain employment at a commercial radio station.  Maggie didn’t have the skills for the job, but she was curious by nature and also possessed a gift of gab.  In describing the importance of taking advantage of opportunities, she said, “If
you find something that you think will work out and everything is not in place at that point … go for it.”.

After about two years honing her skills, Maggie was offered a job to deliver the news, but she wasn’t interested in this position.  Nevertheless, at that moment, she let the organization know about her interest in other broadcasting opportunities — as long as it wasn’t reporting the news.  Shortly thereafter, Maggie was offered opportunities to be on television as a community affairs director and a weekend sports anchor.  While Maggie reflected on these opportunities, she said, “If I hadn’t taken a risk … I would never be where I am today.”

She added very quickly, “You got to know how to speak up.  I’m a firm believer in people don’t know what you want to do until you tell them.”.  Maggie also said, “Don’t ever doubt yourself, because no matter where you go you’re going to have to be trained on their system.”.  Furthermore, she told me that individuals who want to improve their skills should learn as much as possible
to develop their breadth of knowledge.

Early in her career, Maggie wanted to work at ESPN, but that never happened.  However, she said that things still worked-out for her, but in a different direction than she had planned.  Maggie commented on her different career path by saying, “Remember that the dream may be deferred, but not denied.  Have patience, but continue to hone your skills and eventually the opportunity will open up.”

Maggie went on to stress the importance of individuals owning their career destiny and also not being shy about communicating their desires to anyone with the authority to approve a request.

It’s evident in Maggie’s pleasant demeanor that she loves to help others succeed; therefore, she’s more than willing to give an individual an opportunity that might not be provided elsewhere.  Solidifying this point, Maggie said, “If there is an opportunity for me to assist in any way then I’m there.”  It’s very clear by our interview and our previous interactions that she loves to be part of someone’s positive journey.

In asking Maggie about her willingness to interview new talent, she said, “If I find them interesting, hopefully others will find them interesting too.  You never know who is listening who may need that extra help.”.  She added that her ongoing thought is, “If that one push helps them to have a better life, then I’ve accomplished what I want to.”.

As our interview was near completion, Maggie provided advice for individuals who are about to start a new career adventure:

* “Keep an open ear for everything.  If you don’t know what you’re doing find someone who is willing to mentor you.”

* “Anybody can get into the room, but do you have the chops to stay there.”

* “Keep knocking; you only need one ‘yes’.”

​* “Don’t let people tell you what you can’t do.  Decide what you want to do and go for it.  People will tell you all the time (you can’t) or (will) stand in your way.  Find people that are like-minded and move your life and career ahead.”

* “Always believe in a higher-being, as you don’t walk this earth by yourself.”

* “Don’t be afraid to help someone else also succeed or have their dreams come true.”

Maggie is a powerful voice on the radio and a dynamic personality.  Her advice and wisdom are inspirations that must be heard. After our interview, I am inspired to do so much more. 

Maggie’s wisdom will continue to provide inspiration for many others to be inspired, too.

Remember, no matter the length of your journey, always be your best!

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