Interview: S. L. Young “Sees His Angel on Earth” Who Helped to Save His Life

Mr. Young almost died-by-suicide in March 2014. In September 2014, he became a contributor on the The Huffington Post. At that time, he started to write publicly/openly about his mental health challenges and journey to recover to help himself… and others.

In March 2015 to commemorate the first anniversary of his near-death, he wrote the article “Letter to Myself the Day Before My Near-Suicide: Written a Year Later.” He also appeared on FOX 5 WTTG DC to discuss his story on television for the first time.

Note: In March 2015, Mr. Young recorded a message about his mental health journey for suicide prevention/awareness.

After writing this piece, Mr. Young received an email from Mary Hanson (a mother who lost her son (Brian) to suicide on February 12, 2012). Over the next five years, Young and Mrs. Hanson supported each other’s recovery through countless messages and conversations. In November 2016, Mrs. Hanson appeared on Mr. Young’s radio show “Beyond Just Talk with S. L. Young” to discuss the pain of a mother losing her child to suicide.

The amazing thing about this incredible bond is that Mrs. Hanson knew the way Mr. Young looks, but he didn’t (by request) know the way she looks. Young (for some unknown reason) didn’t want to know the way Mrs. Hanson looks until they meet in-person.
In 2019, both agreed to meet, but the meeting wasn’t scheduled. Then, on 6/24/20 (due to the coronavirus pandemic), these connected souls decided to meet virtually. Their meeting is a demonstration of the power of humanity and love that can be shared without ever “seeing” someone, which can aid in helping, supporting, uplifting, and rebuilding lives.

Get your tissues ready because this awe-inspiring encounter will demonstrate that someone who wants to, attempts to, or does end their life doesn’t necessarily want to die. Instead, the person desperately wants the pain to end. Through Mr. Young’s words and emotions during this meeting, you’ll clearly witness a man who didn’t want to die, is grateful for another chance at life, and is clearly thankful to be alive.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mr. Young’s journey to recover, then additional information is available in his book “Turning Darkness Into Light: Inspiring Lessons After a Near-Suicide.”

If you or someone you know needs assistance, then please contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at: / (800) 273-8255

Special thanks to Maggie Linton (former host of The Maggie Linton Show on SiriusXM) for facilitating this invaluable conversation! It’s because of Mrs. Linton’s belief in giving all talent an opportunity to shine… Mr. Young discovered his voice and ability to help others as a mental health advocate.

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